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With a remarkable track record as ainternational hair educator, top-earning salon owner, and business/life coachGina Bianca is known as a true power player in the beauty industry. Lauded for her “honest, blunt and comedic approach to education and empowerment,” Gina brings this uniquely candid advice directly to you in all of her education.

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  • Pricing Essentials &
  • Adaptive Consultations

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The Network Mastermind:

Description: Mastermind is Gina Bianca's online coaching, education and peer group made to bring the industry together and elevate hairstylists, salon owners and educators. Mastermind is an on-the-go experience where you can access your content and peers anytime. You can ask Gina anything during live weekly group coaching Power Sessions and grow and evolve with like-minded individuals who are passionate about growth and learning. Mastermind has a lot of value for a very affordable price making it crazy to not be a part of it!

  • Weekly Power Sessions w/ Gina: 90 minute group coaching calls with Gina every other week on Mondays or Wednesdays at 10AM EST All sessions are recorded and saved for replay in your Mastermind Portal
  • Massive Video Library: Enjoy instant access to over 100 hair, marketing and business videos with new uploads every month. Your library also includes Pricing Essentials, Adaptive Consultations, The Business of Color Correction, all of Gina's e-books and so much more.
  • Facebook Group: See more positive content on Facebook by engaging in our Network Mastermind Facebook Group. Ask Gina questions directly and enjoy feedback and support from your Mastermind peers.

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    Mastermind Benefits at The Network Salon:
  • First dibs on tickets to events at The Network
  • Special pricing to classes at The Network Salon
  • Exclusive Mastermind networking time during events
  • Crew opportunities to work behind the scenes
  • Class recaps and behind the scenes footage

There is still more....


Bonus Courses:

Pricing Essentials:

Description: This value packed course includes six hours of pricing education to help grow your business and change your life. If you have needed a price increase but don't know how to execute this 12 video value packed course will give you everything you need to make more money behind the chair! 

  • Learn why pricing is difficult and how we can make it easier
  • Learn exactly how to set your hourly rate + how to understand your cost per hour and service costs
  • Learn how to set and achieve your goals by breaking them down and rewarding yourself
  • Learn how to set time standards and create a la carte pricing for all of your services
  • Learn how to communicate your pricing in person and online
  • Learn how to execute a price increase without losing guests - the only guests who will leave are those you have been dying to have move on and they will open up space for the clients who truly value you, your time and your services.
  • 6 Power Session clips answering common pricing questions

If you aren't sure about pricing after this course there is no question you need 1 on 1 coaching. Business is 10% strategy and 90% psychology... Mastermind is here to help you breakthrough the barriers holding you back and elevate your career.


Adaptive Consultations:

Description: This four hour information packed course covers everything you need to know to have a quick and to the point consultation. We will cover everything from how to greet your guest, to how to protect yourself and your business with company policies including: No-Show Policy, Cancellation Policy, New Guest Forms, Multi-Step Color Agreement and more. We will go over how to adapt and evolve with every guest and help them achieve their goals even when things don’t go as planned.

  • Adaptive Consultations: Learn everything Gina teaches about consultations and level up your communication with your clients. This two hour video will change your guest experience and help you deliver better results behind the chair
  • Salon Policies + Agreements: Learn how to create and execute effective policies to protect you and your business!
  • Multi-Step Color and Photo Breakdowns: Guests who want massive changes or who have compromised hair can add a lot of stress to your day; in this video Gina explains how to break down photos and how to communicate everything your guest needs to know about the services they desire.
  • Downloads: New Guest Forms, Salon Release Form, Multi Step Color Agreement, No Show Policy + all slides
  • Recording of our LIVE Q+A Power Session


You will have guaranteed support in our member's only Facebook group, in our live group coaching sessions and in-person at the Network. Mastermind is about bringing the beauty industry together and giving us all a safe place to grow and be who we are!


**Members are grandfathered in to this pricing until further notice so even if there is a price increase soon, you will be grandfathered in to this amazing price for as long as possible! Get in while the price is low!


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Have you been struggling with the same problems over and over again? Have you been learning from dozens of different educators and peers who all have different views leaving you confused and questioning your execution? Mastermind is full of highly educated, like-minded individuals who are incredible people to surround yourself with! If you change your circle, you will change your life. Grow with Mastermind and give yourself the resources you and your business need and deserve! Make the decision that will change your life and business and get to work! You got this!

Start Your Transformation

If you're wondering if you have time to invest in this education:

Not only can you access your education from any device using our convenient Kajabi platform, most of Gina's content can be consumed as audio programs. She has included all of the slides for you to review if needed, however these business programs can certainly be consumed audio style so you can continue with your busy life while learning! Listen to them over and over again and let all of the valuable information sink in! This bundle also includes over 100 Mini Power Sessions that you can listen to to get fired up and grow. If you still think you don't have enough time - please believe that after you complete these courses you will have more freedom and flexibility by setting boundaries in your schedule and freeing up time for you to focus on yourself. Gina's biggest goal for every one of her students is to put themselves, their health and wellness first! By putting yourself first you can achieve everything you want to achieve in your life! Let her help you live the life you deserve!

Grow Your Business

Are you running your business or is it running you? Make more money, gain more freedom and build a business you're proud of.

Learn from Gina Bianca

Gina Bianca is known as a true power player in the beauty industry.

She will be your Mastermind Mentor!

Grow Your Network

As Gina always says: You are the average of the 5 people you hang out with. Elevate yourself by elevating your mentors and peers.

Testimonial: Joe Ruggiero

Owner of Bronde and Beyond

- Member since 2019


I have been following Gina Bianca since The Hair Doctor days on Instagram. I am always impressed and inspired by her clean techniques, foil placements, speed, and attention to detail.  To this day I still paint inside my foils using the Framar Power Painter. Thank you Gina!  After I attended her InstaLoveCollab In January of 2019 I was officially obsessed lol!  Initially I joined Mastermind so that I would have priority access to her classes and events. I did not realize how much that decision would change my life and my career. Prior to this I spent my first 10 years behind the chair in a salon where I was complacent and had little to no growth. I left that salon , and found myself in the same situation experiencing the same things in my new salon with no support or mentorship.  I felt unseen, unheard, and hopeless to be honest.  If it was not for Mastermind and Ginas classes ( I have not missed one) Im not sure where I would be today.  In Mastermind and at The Network I found my people.  I found a community where people care and want to help each other Grow. Where you can be vulnerable to share your struggles as well as your successes without judgement.  With Mastermind and Ginas coaching I nearly DOUBLED my business in 2019, and in June of 2020 I opened my own business Bronde and Beyond The Salon! I am so grateful to Gina and this community she built.  Its been so inspiring and motivating to watch Gina and Mastermind members grow and evolve over the last year and half. I’ve never been more excited for the future!

 Follow Joe on Instagram: @BrondeAndBeyond


We guarantee you will love it!

This education will change your life and business, all you have to do is elevate yourself by making the time to learn! You will have the support you've always wanted and the business you've always dreamed of!