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Strategic Color Placement

A Message from Gina:

Welcome to Strategic Color Placement. I created this course to pass along my foundation that I was so lucky to have. Thank you to all of my mentors who continue to push me to be the best version of myself - I am so grateful for you.
Working as a hairstylist, salon owner and educator over the last ten years, it's no secret that time is money. In order to save time and become "faster" and "better" at what we do, we need confidence in ourselves, our products, our decisions and in our business. I have to say, in my business I am a very confident person, especially with hair. I didn't get here overnight. I got here through many years of experience, fuck ups, failures and so much learning. I was lucky and blessed to have the training and mentors that I have had throughout my career and I am grateful every day for my journey in this industry. Throughout my journey, it has become obvious to me that many hairstylists were not as lucky as me and lack the foundational skills, support and knowledge to help them be confident in this business. Beauty school does A LOT for us, however being a hairstylist is not as easy as it used to be. The every day stylist needs to adapt, evolve, grow and be dynamic to truly get everything you can from this business. This course will show you an intro to me, what I believe, my techniques and methods and so much more. These principles, techniques, formulas and ideas have helped me get where I am today. I  started in my Mom's kitchen with a cosmetology license and ten years later have multiple companies generating over a million dollars in revenue. If I can create what I have created, then anyone can. I truly believe if you have the knowledge, work ethic and if you believe in yourself you can have anything you want in this world. This course is the start to a wonderful journey of online education with me. Enjoy the ride.

Course Description:

Strategic Color Placement is the hair color foundation every stylist needs to tackle their business behind the chair! Gina gives practical education that is entertaining and easy to understand. This education will help you grow your business, improve your confidence and deliver better results for your clients! If you want to see Gina's education first, please enjoy this free color correction video!

You will receive lifetime access to seven full length tutorials.

Strategic Color Placement:

  • Five Ways to Foil 1: Learn all the basics and more in this informative foiling crash course. Essential for anyone who wants to go deeper into my education.
  • Five Ways to Foil 2: Learn the basics of Foiliyage and Balayage, plus how to blend, formulate, tone and create more complex looks.
  • Melting into Fall 1: Learn my #1 most versatile and MONEY MAKING technique that I have been using behind the chair for 5 years! Combine balayage, color melting and low lighting in a 45 minute application to completely revamp your entire clientele.
  • Going Darker: Learn another way to utilize Melting into Fall when going darker and creative toning on even your blondest guests.
  • Pop Balayage: Learn how to vertically tackle your color placements in this easy, fun, fast and creative technique.  
  • Pop Foiliyage (Replay of our LIVE class with Q+A)
  • Vertical Slice (Replay of our LIVE class with Q+A)
  • You will also receive access to our Strategic Color Placement Facebook Group :)

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